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Get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite movies
↳ This Is Us (2013)

I feel like, when people label people as famous they take away a lot of substance that they have as a person. So that you don’t remember some one as: he was funny or they were really nice and giving it’s like: they were famous”


[INTERVIEW] 120612 - Alien EXO, dictionary of the various researches on their charms - Extra part (Part ④)



◆ After getting to know Tao, he’s also an EXO fan? “I collect the hyungs’ photocards”

EXO-M’s Tao is 20 in Chinese age and 19 in Korean age; he’s born in 1993. He leaves a strong impression as his specialty is martial arts and his eyes show a strong charisma, hence, a lot of people assume that he has a strong personality too. But truthfully, Tao is a delicate man who laughs and cries a lot.

During a Chinese interview, Tao wept buckets when he sent a video message to his EXO-K hyungs. On ‘M!Countdown’ when EXO-M and K were reunited, we met Tao and even though he was embarrassed about it, he replied frankly “I cried because I missed the hyungs”.

Actually, Tao has all of the EXO members’ photocards. Hence, every time he misses his hyungs, he can take them out; he has all of the 12 photocards, including his. Why is it not phone pictures or polaroid pictures but the photocards from the album? Tao confessed shyly “I have polaroids, phone pictures too but I also have the photocards” and said “If I have the photocards, it becomes a souvenir”making all of his hyungs have a fatherly smile.

Tao also promised “Later on if I get a good occasion, I will show it to the fans”. Next time, if Tao shows the 12 photocards he collected to the fans, he might get ‘envious to death’ glares from fans, even those who already have the 12. Collecting the 12 isn’t easy.

EXO-K and M’s dictionary of the various researches on their charms is coming to an end. The EXO members are going to end their busy promotions of their debut song ‘MAMA’ in mid-june and are going to have concerts abroad etc. The Earth conquest of the alien boys who fell in the middle of the Korean music industry will keep going for sure!

source: joynews24
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
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Sehun's Lucky Charm -


Sehun saying that Suho is his lucky charm

Hello I’m Sehun. Mine isn’t an object, it’s leader Suho hyung who’s sitting in front of me right now. As much as his name he’s always protecting me and giving me luck. (?) He’s also my roomate—(embarassed AHHH~) Since he’s my roomate, it always seems like he’s protecting me even when we’re sleeping.


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